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Famous People and Their Choice of Rugs.


Famous people and their choice of rugs If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to getting an interior designer in to decorate your living room or to help you choose your rugs, the good news is you no longer have to spend a fortune on buying interiors magazines for inspiration.  Google will helpfully provide you with any information, photos and ideas ... Read More »

Rugs Make An Excellent Christmas Present

gift xmas

Christmas is an exciting time for families.  At the same time you may find Christmas shopping extremely stressful.  Overcrowded shops, not enough time in the day to cope with everything, running out of ideas of what to get… Getting presents for your children is probably more expensive than difficult.  No doubt they presented you with a list of toys/clothes/a hundred ... Read More »

The World’s Oldest Intact Rug: The Pazyryk

pazyryk carpet detailjpg featured image

Every rug holds a story. But not many tell one as amazing as this one, that is because this is the world’s oldest intact rug ever found. It is the Pazyryk carpet, discovered frozen in a tomb beneath the Siberian steppe. This was woven approximately in the 5th century BC and was found almost 2,500 years later when, in 1949, ... Read More »

Panzy Rug Review

Panzy Ivory Wool Rug

This gorgeous rug is one of our modern wool rug designs, it’s been in our catalogue for a long while now as it is one of the best modern sellers, this design catches the eye of the customers and I wanted to take it home and find out what it is about this rug that gives us the great feedback ... Read More »

Good Advert For A Rugs Company?


Afternoon everyone, while I was minding my own business looking at some new rug designs online, I stumbled upon this extrememly unique and bizzare video. Never have I come across something as beautifully creative and funny as this. With one liners such as… Turn your car park into a car-pet! And… $300? I don’t think so! How about $80?! Too ... Read More »

Transitional vs Traditional Rugs

traditional rugs

Ever wondered what is the difference between transitional and traditional rugs? When you decide to buy a nice rug you will get a huge assortment to choose from.  Rugs come in many different styles, shapes, designs, colours and materials. It can be a hard decision and finding the right one to compliment your room could be tough and exhausting. Two of ... Read More »