Choose children’s rugs your kids will love

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There are two kinds of things that a rug salesman can tell you about people who buy rugs for their homes. Firstly, a lot of people will spend considerable money and time to procure the most tasteful rugs for their houses while completely ignoring the children’s room and children’s rugs.

That however is ironic, as the same people will perhaps spend a fortune on decorating walls with wall stickers and buying toys for their children. Secondly, even when people buy rugs for their kid’s rooms, either they buy rugs that they personally like, aka bland boring colors (at least to kids) and patterns that do not appeal to kids, or they end up buying rugs that are completely out of touch with the decor of the rest of the house. Case in point, those garish Disney character rugs.

Is there any balancing factor here then? Is it possible to choose a rug for your children’s room(s) that both you and the kids like? In this article we look for the answer to this particular mystery.

Children’s rugs – the subtle approach

childrens-rugsJust like buying any other rug for another room, children’s rugs should also match the rest of the decor of the room while being attractive to the eye, especially to the critical eye of your kids. You do not want to put a very busy rug in a room that has tons of decals and posters etc. already on the walls. Do not forget that chances are that you yourself will be spending a lot of time in that room, so might as well make it all pleasing to the eyes or else you might develop a disdain for the feel of the room.

One thing kids like are geometrical shapes. Anything unusual to the eye is guaranteed to catch their fancy. So when they see the rest of the house adorned with regular rectangular rugs and find small circular rugs stacked together in symmetry in their own room, they are going to love the latter.

This also gives you a chance to use simple colors. The kids are likely to be so enamored with the unique shape of the rug that they won’t particularly care about the color (as long as it is not too boring a color). Bright beige for instance works great in such a situation. You could also take the color of their favorite toy and buy a rug of that color.

If you are not certain that a single color will suffice, you could go for a tiled rug that has a bunch of different colors on it. Again, it is all about the shapes – kids are much more likely to appreciate a rug that is tiled than another that is one solid color. They surely will spend a whole lot of time making up games to play on the tiled rug.

Playroom carpets kids will play on

soft-colours-baby-roomA playroom carpet is where you can unleash your inner child and go as wild as you can. While parents do spend a lot of time choosing the right toys and the right decor for a children’s playroom, they often ignore the one part of the room that is very important- the floor.

The aforementioned tiled design works wonders here but also do plenty of other innovative designs. For finding such designs, the Internet is your best friend. From playmate rugs, to Nintendo rugs to rugs in the shape of a fried egg, you can find pretty much any type of children’s rugs online. As always, you’d want to make sure that the rug that you are buying fits the decor and the color scheme of the room.

Apart from looking pretty and appealing to the visual senses of your kid(s), a rug serves the purpose of security as well. Kids will jump, they will fall and they will get themselves into pretty much as much trouble as they humanly can. A thick rug is your insurance against a serious injury. Whether you are buying a rug for your kid’s bedroom, the playroom or for the nursery of an infant, it is better to go with thicker rugs that can provide a substantial amount of cushioning.

At the same time, you do not want to go for something that your child will be able to destroy with relative ease and boy, do they love destroying everything they can lay their hands on.

This means, no expensive traditional woolen rugs or any rugs with frills as borders. Before you can say ‘get off the carpet’ your kid would have torn half the rug to shred by pulling out the threads, just because he wanted to see what was inside it (if that even makes sense!). Similarly you want the children’s rugs to be easy to clean and preferably spill proof because if there is one thing you can be sure of is that your kid will definitely spill liquids as often as he or she can.

A machine made rug constructed with synthetic fabric should work very well in most situations. There are plenty of designs available in that segment to keep occupied for a few hours.

Boy/girl rugs

If you want to be really specific about the decor of your child’s room then you can buy rugs based on your child’s gender. For instance, if you have a girl child, you could buy a hopscotch rug or a playhouse rug that is intended to be a flat three dimensional dollhouse for your child to play with.

For boys, you can go with a rug that has a road map (complete with various buildings) printed on it so that your boy could race his toy cars on it all day long. Such a rug not only fulfills its practical purpose, it also fosters a sense of creativity in your child.

When differentiating kid’s rugs based on gender, do not just rely on boy colors or girl colors. Try and get something unique that ends up being more than a mere rag on the floor.

As you can see, it is indeed possible to buy great children’s rugs for your kids’ room without resorting to boring colors or garish designs and still make it look pretty as hell. It might take some time and effort on your part to do this, but the results in the end will be well worth it, especially if it puts a big smile on the face of your child.



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