How To Use Round Rugs For Maximum Effect

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When it comes to buying a rug, most people instantly think of rectangular or square shaped rugs. Majority of interior décor that involves a prominent presence of rugs is made up such tried and tested shapes. In fact for many people, a rug is not a real rug until it has four corners and if you look at majority of popular rugs, whether they be hand woven rugs from middle east, oriental rugs from China or modern rugs that are made of synthetic material, they are usually of a squarish or a rectangular form.

With that being said, it cannot be denied that round rugs not only add something completely different and unique to a room, they also make a bold ‘fashion’ statement of sorts. Used in the right manner, a round rug can add that much more to a room than a regular rug ever could. But therein lies the problem – how do you use a round rug in such a way that it does not make things awkward.

Round rugs can seem tricky

At first glance round rugs can seem rather tricky to place, especially if you are new to the world of rugs or if you are decorating your house for the first time by yourself. You see a round rug, you love the design or the pattern but for the life of you, you can’t fathom how or where it will go in your house. This happens to way too many people than you’d realize.

After all, most rooms in the world have four corners. Which is why a rug with four corners goes so well. It is symmetrically similar and creates a visually pleasing synchronized effect. A round rug on the other hand can seem like a rather stark and at times, an uneven contrast to many, hence a lot of people simply shy away from them.

Using circular rugs in the living room

There is no need to be so scared of incorrectly placing a round rug that you do not even consider using it for your interior décor purposes. In fact there is no reason to make a choice between square/rectangular and round rugs. You should ideally use a combination of both to make the most of it.

One of the easiest ways to use a circular rug in any room is to ensure that all the important pieces of furniture in the room touch the circumference of the rug. For instance, a round rug can extend to the edge of the big couch, the single chairs and the vintage dresser that is so precious to you. As with everything else involving rugs, your main intention is to create a sense of symmetry.

In a similar way, you can use a round rug to designate another sitting space that is in the vicinity of the main living room. In such a case, a round rug with a rich pattern that contrasts pleasantly with the colour scheme of the living room can work wonders. Think of it as a way of segregating spaces and creating a visual map in the mind of your guests.

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Using oval rugs in personal spaces

Circular rugs, especially the ones that are in a distinct oval shape are great for using in personal spaces like the bedroom or the bathroom. They give you a great chance to experiment and add something unique to the space.

Sure you can have your bedroom carpeted wall to wall or go with a traditional rug to cover the space under the bed but you’d get much more attractive results by throwing in an intricately woven oval rug right at the spot on the floor that you use to lay off your slippers. Heritage oval rugs are just perfect for such a purpose.

If you have a large bedroom then it is very likely that you have a sitting space assigned in there. A traditional circular rug is great for just such a space and helps create a visual sense of boundary.

Oval rugs are great for bathroom as well, as they are just perfect to place alongside a bathtub. Obviously you’d want to choose a rug made of a material that is immune to water damage and would hold its own upon heavy use. If you do not have a bathtub in the bathroom then you can place such rugs by the shower booth.

Don’t just restrict their use to the personal spaces that you and your family occupy. Use them in the guest bedrooms and bathrooms as well to make a bold style statement. After all what use is the use of thoughtful interior décor if you don’t show it off?

Using half moon rugs

Half moon rugs or half circle rugs as they are sometimes known, are an absolute delight to use around your living space and do a great job as area rugs. They are perfect for the area in front of the fireplace, for areas where side tables are placed and even in the bedroom or the bathroom.

Unless you are following some avant garde philosophy when decorating your house, it is very unlikely that a half moon rug is the only piece of carpeting that you will use in a room. More often than not, it is usually used as an embellishment of sorts. This is why the key to using these is to ensure that the design you choose does not overpower the main rug or any other combination of rugs in the room. Unless of course, you are trying to ensure that its pattern matches identically with the main rug.

Traditional or modern round rugs

Contrary to popular opinion, tradition rugs can be used in a circular form to great effect. For example a highly detailed, hand woven circular rug can be placed under furniture that is in circular or curvy form. They can also be used very effectively at entrance foyers if you want to make a startling first impression on your guests. There are plenty of traditional circular designs that can create a whole lot of different moods and you will never be at a lack of choice for that.

Traditional and even modern circular rugs work well in rooms where there is not much else that is eye catching. In a living space that is minimally designed a round rug has a great opportunity of showing its true beauty. Think of a traditional round rug in a room adorned with pastel colored walls and simple furniture and you will be able to visualize what we are referring to. Besides it can also make a small space seem a lot larger than it actually is.

Modern round rugs that are of solid colours can be placed very easily in rooms where they have something in common with a particular piece of furniture. In such a case, a modern rug can be used as a visual focal point. Think of a deep red rug, under a deep red sofa chair in a room that is otherwise white in its entirety. Can you see how well it works?

Hopefully by now, you must have a fair idea of the many different ways in which you can use different kinds of rugs to give your house a style upgrade that is well beyond the clichés that are usually followed by people. As we said before, round rugs allow you to make a strong style statement and when you make choices keeping the overall scheme of things in mind, you can’t go wrong with these.

We have a great selection of round and Half Moon Rugs in our store.  As usual do get in touch if you need any help.

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