A Comprehensive Guide to Shaggy Rugs

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One of the most popular kinds of rugs are shaggy rugs. These thick rugs have become a staple in fashionable and trendy homes due to their comfort and the aesthetic appeal they can add to your home.  Their fluffy texture has become a trend that has continued on throughout numerous decades as a centerpiece for various rooms and can be a beautiful addition to almost any setting. This is primarily because shaggy rugs can be made from a variety of materials. You can easily find woolen shaggy carpets, polypropylene, polyester or acrylic, cotton or even leather.

Rugs with a long shag pile are durable so they are used in high traffic areas of the homes and are an excellent choice for homes with pets and children. You can find these shaggy rugs in many shapes and sizes and in every imaginable colour.

What are shaggy rugs?

There are two distinct characteristics because of which these area rugs or shag carpets stand out amongst other types of rugs and carpets. Firstly, the length of the yarn used in these rugs is longer that the one used in common rugs or carpets. Secondly, the shag pile used in these rugs is also looser than others. You can find these carpets in three popular styles; mini shag, short shag and long shag. They are created through two processes, which are hand-tufting process and hand-knotting process.

Brief history of shag pile rugs

The concept of these rugs was first introduced in Greece for keeping homes insulated and warm in the winter months. It was in the 70s that these rugs gained popularity in America due to their bold texture and style. As they have a long length of fabric, they serve well for reducing dirt and provide comfort to any home. Even today, they are considered quite unique and stand out from other kinds of carpets.

How to make best use of your shaggy rug

These shaggy area rugs are mostly used on wooden floors in order to add texture and warmth to them as they are otherwise bare and cold. It is common to use these rugs in bedrooms as a decorative centerpiece or even under the coffee tables or couch in living rooms. You can also use these rugs in front of beautiful fireplaces. Dorm rooms can also be brightened up with the help of shaggy rugs in a fun and trendy color. Most parents also prefer to use these rugs in their children’s rooms because they can provide the right color and texture. They are cozy and kids can easily sit on them, especially in the winter months, and play with their toys. If you use them in modern homes, you can achieve a retro look and even give the décor a romantic touch.

Various types of shaggies

As aforementioned, shaggy rugs can be found in an assortment of styles and colors and are also made from various materials. You can decide the kind of fiber you want and make your selection accordingly. Some of the options at your disposal are:shaggy-rugs

  • Cotton Rugs – Perhaps, the most common fiber that’s used in the manufacture of these luxury shaggy rugs is cotton. Both long and short cotton fibers are used for making these rugs, which leads to jersey yarn pieces that have a more casual appearance and are shaggier. Therefore, they are deemed to be perfect for the family room or a child’s room.
  • Leather (Thick Rugs) – A leather shaggy area rug is definitely a conversation starter. It is made from suede leather or genuine leather and simply feels great against the skin. You can find them in warm red, deep brown, black and white and even subtle grey colors.
  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo – If you have an eco-friendly home, you can never go wrong with eco-friendly bamboo shaggy rugs. These are not manufactured with any harsh chemical dyes, which means they are free from any synthetic backings or chemical adhesive glues. You end up owning a natural version of a synthetic fiber rug.
  • Synthetic – These rugs look amazing and you can find them in a number of colors. They are made from acrylic fibers in Japan and are quite shiny and soft.

Benefits and advantages

Why are these rugs popular as opposed to other kinds of rugs? There are numerous benefits you can reap when you decide to use shaggy rugs in your home and some of them are discussed below:

  • Comfort – No other rugs come close to providing the comfort that’s associated with shaggy ones. If you walk over such a rug, you will simply want to dig your feet in it and relish in the softness it can offer. The fibers and textures are made for living and are great for resting your feet or even lying down on them because you will feel the comfort in your entire body.
  • Warmth – During the cold winter months, sitting on the floor or even stepping barefoot on it can become difficult. You can eliminate this discomfort with shaggy rugs as they make the whole room warmer. They are a good choice for covering the tiles and floor boards and offer you a nice and warm texture for making your house comfortable and welcoming.
  • Noise Reduction – Not many people are aware that shaggy rugs are also a good way of achieving noise reduction in the house. You will not have to hear any stomping sounds as feet sink into these rugs rather than hitting the floor heavily. They serve as an insulation and keep your home a calmer, quieter and more relaxing place to be. They should definitely be the top choice for large families as they can provide some peace.

In the previous decades, shaggy rugs have made a comeback and their popularity has continued to grow because of their versatility and beautiful design that can accommodate any style of home.



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