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Hallway Runners


If you are looking for new rugs and do not know where to start, we might be able to help. Below we have put together a list of suggestions that will help you narrow down your options and choose a rug that is right for your setting. We will help you choose the right size, style and give you a few tips on what quality is better suited to your needs.

The size and the style you need will depend on your design taste. You also need to consider the area of your home you are looking to add a rug to and how it will be used.

What is your style?

Modern Rugs

The most popular category by far. It includes a variety of designs and colours, ranging from abstract and bold to neutral and understated. Modern and contemporary carpets are on trend. They will give your room an instant uplift and will add a contemporary vibe to your setting. If you do not have a budget for full scale redecorating, just paint the walls white and choose a rug that will not clash with other colours in your room. This will instantly make your home look fresh and clean.

Plain Modern Rug

Geometric rugs are the new contemporary classic. Elegant and simple, they are almost as versatile as plain rugs, but add more interest and character. These designs normally include a one colour solid background with an all over pattern like diamond, zigzag or Moroccan print. They suit a wide variety of decors and work equally well in modern and traditional settings.

3D and Optical Illusion rugs have become fashionable in the last few years and are popular with younger shoppers. They tend to feature geometric all over patterns that use clever optical illusions to create a 3D effect. Often black and white or greyscale, they come in brighter colours too. Think of a huge kaleidoscope mosaic on your floor. This is guaranteed to impress your guests.

Stripes and blocks rugs are versatile and can bring together a multitude of other colours in a room. They tend to hide dust and stains well, making them a popular choice for halls, kitchens as well as living rooms.

Floral rugs are beautiful and elegant. They are excellent for adding a feminine touch to bedrooms or sitting areas. They work particularly well with subtle colours. Go for light walls and leather sofas if you would like for your floral rug to stand out even more.

Plain rugs are for those who are not keen on fussy patterns or bold prints. If you are a fan of blocks of colour or the black and white monochrome look, there is plenty for you to choose from. Plain carpets do not have to be plain in their looks and will add interest because of varying textures, pile length and pile combinations.

The thing to remember, however, that fashion changes in clothes, furnishings and in rugs too. Do keep in mind that some modern carpets might go out of fashion in a couple of years' time. Others might still look contemporary in a decade.

Traditional Rugs

Afghan Style Red Wool Rug

Timeless and full of charm, traditional carpets are a natural fit for classic decors, leather furniture and wood floors. In the recent years, however, we see a tendency to place traditional style rugs in modern minimalist settings. This approach mixes the styles and creates a sophisticated modern classic look.

Persian rugs will never go out of fashion. Trends in colours and styles will change, but there will always be a loyal customer base for Persian carpets. Their intricate rich and elegant designs tell a story and bring class and sophistication to any decor. Traditional Persian style carpets feature floral patterns that are framed beautifully by a border. They also often have a central medallion.

Afghan, Turkish, Caucasian rugs often look unbelievably contemporary. They prove that traditional designs are not all about Persian florals motifs. Traditional Afghan and Turkish carpets often have a minimalist, rustic look to them. They feature straight lines and geometric patterns in deep rich colours. Caucasian carpets tend to be simple in design with fewer elements and brighter colours.

Chinese and European Aubusson carpets are very different from Persian and Afghan. They feature distinct floral patterns. The elements are usually arranged around the border and the medallion and set against a one solid colour background. The pattern covers a much smaller area and is less intricate. The details are often carved to add a multi-dimensional effect.

Shaggy Rugs

Luxurious, thick and sumptuous, shaggy rugs are impossible to resist. They look beautiful and add a glamorous touch to any decor. The idea of shaggy pile is not new. Centuries ago people used sheepskins to cover floors and sitting areas. In modern days that idea of long deep pile has been developed into a multitude of different colours, textures and sizes. Some shaggy rugs are aiming to replicate the look and feel of traditional Greek Flokaties and sheepskins. There is also a huge variety of modern fibers that create different textures.

Wool shaggy rugs are the high end of shaggies. Like sheepskin and Greek Flokaties, they are 100% natural and benefit from all the natural qualities of wool. Wool shaggies not only feel luxuriously soft and beautifully warm, they are more likely to retain their good looks than the made-made fiber rugs. All wool products are eco-friendly, bio degradable and hypoallergenic. This makes them the preferred choice for environment and health conscious customers.

Woolen Shaggy Rug

Silky shaggy rugs are often made using viscose or polyester pile. These products with their silky pile have a delicate appearance. Thin long or medium strands tends to fall in waves and reflect natural light, giving the rug a delicate shimmer and a glamorous look. The pile feels soft and cool to the touch, making the silky viscose and polyester shaggies a perfect choice for the summer.

Spaghetti shaggy rugs were extremely popular when they first appeared. Long thick strands of compressed polyester fall in different directions and often have a slight shimmer to them. The overall result is funky and contemporary, but it is not as soft and luxurious to the touch as wool or viscose.

Cloud shaggy rugs are made using different materials or even combinations of different piles. Twisted polypropylene or wool strands are long and thick, creating a "cloud on the floor" effect. These shaggy rugs are arguably the most popular ones as they come at a variety of prices, catering for different budgets.

Chunky shaggy rugs have grown in popularity over the last few years. They are made using chunky felted wool strands that come together, creating an eclectic and funky look that fits contemporary settings. Stylish and dramatic, these carpets can feel a bit bumpy underfoot and are not perfect for those, who are looking for a soft and bouncy rug.

Designer and High End Rugs

One main difference with designer and high end rugs is that often your rug can become an investment. Some, especially handmade traditional pieces, gain value over time. A designer or an expensive handmade carpet is an equivalent of owning a painting or any other piece of art. Even if you are not planning to sell your rug in the future it can be a great investment.

Choosing the right size

It is not always the case that small rugs go in small rooms and large ones are for large rooms. The choice of the size depends on how much furniture you have in the room. You also need to keep in mind the design of the actual rug and the effect you are trying to create.

Floor protection

The first thing to consider when choosing the size of the rug for your room is the flooring underneath. Many people choose to have carpets, wood or laminate flooring in more then one room on the house. Replacing flooring in just one area might prove tricky. Chances are, you will struggle to find exactly the same colour or grain and will end up with an expensive project on your hands.

The solution here is to measure the areas that you think might be subject to the heaviest wear and tear. Simply covering those areas with rugs is a very cost effective solution. Hallway runners and living room rugs will protect your floors from stains, spills, scratches and dents. They can hide a multitude of problems. Especially so if you go for darker coloured pieces, they will be a lot easier to clean or replace with time. Just measure the areas that you would like to protect and find the nearest rug size. Go for a slightly larger size if you can.


Living room

Pesian Style Beige Rug

Think about what you are buying the rug for. If your plan is to relax on the rug with a cup of tea on a cold evening, or play a board game with your family, you need one large enough to accommodate all of you. Get all members of your family to sit on the floor and measure the area around them.

If your rug is there for design reasons more than the practical ones, the general rule is to measure the available floor space and leave 15-20cm between the edges and the walls. You can slide one side of the rug under furniture, but do leave other sides unobstructed for maximum effect. To give you an example, if your living room is 300 x 400cm and you have a sofa on one side and a TV stand on the opposite side, a 160 x 230cm rug will probably be the optimum size for you. If your room is larger or if your room only has a couple of sofas in it, a 200 x 300cm rug might be a good fit.

Dining Room

Dining rooms have a habit of looking a bit "under designed". Well chosen rug can be that finishing touch that brings the design scheme together. A dining room rug needs to be larger than the table and the chairs around it. Pull the chairs out as you would when you are sitting around the table and measure the area. Add another 10-15cm to make sure you do not end up with the back legs of your chair on the floor and the front ones on the rug. Low or flat pile rugs are a popular choice for dining room because they do not show indentations and are easier to move the chairs on. Finally, if your dining table is round, circle rug will be an ideal choice.


There are different options here depending on your preference and budget. If you have a medium sized bedroom and your bed is not positioned in the center of the room, a larger rug on one side of the bed will be ideal for you. If , on the other hand, your bedroom is large and there is adequate space on both sides of the bed as well as at the foot of the bed, you can either go for two smaller rugs on both sides and a larger sized one at the foot of the bed or choose one oversized rug that would go under the bed.

Larger sized rugs tend to make the room appear larger, whilst smaller rugs leave the space under the bed free, making it easier to clean or use for storage.

Whatever option you go for, make sure your rug is visible by at least 80cm - 1 meter on three sides of the bed.

Hallway Runners

Hallway Runner Rug

Hallways are often long and narrow and have a tendency to look empty. Hallway runners will bring the space to life as well as protect the floors from wear and tear. There are many design options to choose from. Intricate oriental designs, contemporary stripes or even minimalist natural berber hall runners come in a variety of colours and sizes. Measure the width and the length of your hall and leave at least 10cm of floor showing between the runner and the walls.

Design Effect

Generally rug designs tend to look their best in larger sizes. Smaller sizes tend to either lose some elements of the designs or make the elements smaller and closer together.

Small Rooms

Often we make a mistake of using smaller sized furniture and rugs in a small room. It does not solve the problem. Instead, it simply highlights the fact that the room is not big enough to take the larger sizes. Go for a larger size even if it means that you have to slip a small part of the rug under the furniture. Simple sleek designs with all over prints would be a good option as they make it less obvious that a part of the design is obscured.

Large Rooms

As difficult as it is to find a rug for a small room, finding an oversized rug can often be even a bigger challenge. Many modern rug designs stop at 160x230cm and traditional at 200x300cm. Often 250x350cm and 300x400cm come with a waiting time of 8-12 weeks. If you are lucky to find one that you like, they look amazing and have the ability to make any room look sophisticated and impressive.

An alternative solution here may be to use smaller sizes to create different zones in the room. The designs, however, do not have to be identical. Often you can find similar designs in the same colour scheme or even slightly different designs in complementing colours. This works particularly well for open space living where different rugs can be used to separate the dining area from the living space. This way you can also go for different quality fibers, making the use of more practical carpets for the usage. This way you have an option of going for a softer, longer pile rug for the living area and a flat woven or low pile rug for the dining area.

Coordinating all areas

Additionally, if your downstairs is open plan or you can see different areas at the same time, you might want to go for rugs that coordinate well. Often rectangular carpets come with matching hall runners or round rugs. This is ideal for corridors leading into a living room or for conservatories coming off the living areas. Another option could also be to go for two coordinating products. Those can either be similar in style but different in colour or different in style but in colours that complement each other.