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Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs will give any room an instant makeover. Luxuriously soft and sumptuous, they are all about comfort and style. Thick and warm underfoot, with deep and plush pile, shaggy rugs will add a contemporary fashionable touch to any decor.

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Shaggy rugs make a beautiful and timeless addition to any home. They add texture, warmth and glamour to modern or traditional style decor, providing extra cushioning underfoot in areas where you need it most. Why not place a luxurious soft long shag pile rug where you are likely to walk barefoot - in your living room, by the fireplace or by the side of your bed. This will help you relax and unwind after a long day and will make the most used areas of your home look more cosy and inviting.

Shaggy rugs come in a great variety of colours and sizes. Bright and vibrant green, purple, blue colours are very popular in the spring and the summer, creating a fun and joyful atmosphere, monochrome grey, black and white shaggy rugs look sleek and modern, red and burgundy - add a dramatic statement, whilst cream, beige, brown are a classic neutral choice that will add a contemporary touch to your room without overpowering.

Whilst all shaggy rugs have a longer than average pile, the texture and fibres used vary. Soft and silky viscose shaggies are beautifully delicate to the touch and have a soft shimmer to them. Twisted pile frisee and shaggy rugs create a "cloud" effect and feel thicker and denser underfoot. Wool shaggies are thick, warm and soft. Polyester "spaghetti" and chunky felted wool shaggy rugs are very modern and stylish, adding a focal point to your room. Mixed texture rugs, combining textures and colours are also a very popular fashionable choice.

No matter how much you are prepared to spend on your rug, there will always be a shaggy rug that you will find affordable. From cheap value options to luxurious designer rugs, we offer a varied selection of styles to fit all budgets.