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Large Traditional Rugs

There is a place for large traditional rugs in any home. Beautiful patterns that never age are as fresh and exciting as centuries ago when each piece was hand woven by artisans. They are full of history and exotic charm, making them a beautiful addition to any style of decor.

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Large traditional rugs are particularly popular in 160 x 230cm or 170 x 240cm. This size is large enough to accommodate the pattern in full, without compromising on the details and elements and to fit most rooms in average sized houses. Large size is also well suited to European and Chinese traditional styles that feature a border and central medallion, giving them a very regal and rich appearance.

Large Afghan, Turkish and Caucasian rugs have gained popularity in the UK in the last decade. Their patterns are still classic, but their understated straight geometric lines have a contemporary rustic feel to them.

Large Persian rugs with their floral patterns are gentle and calming. They will look expensive and classy in a modern or traditional décor or any setting that needs a lavish detail.