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Traditional Wool Rugs

Traditional wool rugs are a true classic of the genre. They vary in weaving type, design and origin, but there is one thing all traditional wool rugs have in common – the renowned and unmistakeable quality that wool brings to so many products and the timeless designs that have largely remained the same over centuries.

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There are many reasons why wool has been traditionally used not only in rug weaving, but in production of clothes, bed linen, furnishings, almost any soft fabric product that you see in your home. Its natural qualities are unrivalled by any other material, natural or man made, for durability, wear and tear, stain and fire resistance. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for use by allergy sufferers.

Traditional wool rugs do not lose value with time. If anything, antique rugs with their intricate timeless designs, gain in value, with some examples being sold at auctions for a small fortune. They show signs of wear, with fading colours giving them their unique charm.

If your budget does not stretch to antique or hand made rugs, modern production has made replicas of very high quality possible and affordable. Look for Abrash effect rugs in our Traditional Wool Rugs section for some fine examples.